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About Us

About Plstar VK

Plstar VK is a professional high-end brand of 3D printed clothing, focused on the production and sales of high quality clothing. We use thermal transfer technology to sublimate the fabric onto the fabric with a high temperature of 200 degrees, and any cleaning will not fade. There was a time when the only option on the table for people to pacify their curiosity was to merely imagine, oh yea! But what prospects would mere thoughts offer? Maybe none until the future came, guess what; we live in that future now, a future where beauty and aesthetic capacity is being incorporated into your imaginations, virtual creative curiosities and realities, a future not restricted to the brain box or mind-box alone, a flexible future that can elastically adapt, translate and inculcate all the essences of social modernity in real time, a future that poses immense concern to your public acceptance and appearance first, a future that grades outlook beyond what the status quo has been, this future is accessible to all and sundry taking the population acceptance spread of the United States as a contact spot for the world at large. At www.Plstar VK .com we represent, speak and project the direction of that future with our unique clothing line.

      The specialty added to this unique technology is found in how vast it finds application though we concentrate on printed wears of all grade. Many  households, communities and countries of the world are viable 3D digital design markets; across the accepted age group, people seek to own clothes and fabric materials for which they have contribution in how the design is formulated, while one might want to assume that there is latitude for independence in the acquisition of  designed wears, interdependence is key and critical to the quantity and qualitative value on the deliverables, we at plstar VK offer a hand of support from the up-link to meet yours at the center; we consciously make your physical imaginations directly interchangeable by providing what you order at sweet prices. This in turn presents a major twist to a potential customer seeking to evaluate prices and investment opportunities. For this reason, locating platforms through which you can acquire involves just one click or one call… we at www.Plstar VK .com are at your service.

     The demand, requirement and competition among users and seekers of 3D digitally printed clothes poses an increase in the transactional risks involved, but also provides many opportunities for users of digitally printed wares and assets at close to bargain prices. At we offer; entrepreneurial, intermediary and consultancy services, we typically use a variety of appraisal techniques to market already determined values of digitally printed clothing utilities prior to purchase either in units or in bulk.

      Among many products and services rendered in the direction of  digital print revolution, Our typical deliverables cover the sphere and scope of your imaginations; you can say what we do is make concrete or make available the beautiful things you wanna wear whenever you close your eyes, for consultation purpose we also have available design templates that present a ready or immediate guide for potential customers with very creative tendencies who might want to make adjustments, modifications or repackaging of specifics in the outlook and outcome of the creative pieces, based on traffic of orders and delivery registers we are always on ground to deliver.

      “Our goal is to provide you with the world's highest quality digital print clothing” In order to ensure the quality of the products, all the products of Plstar VK use top materials and fine craftsmanship to ensure the long-term durability of the products.

Our product range:

After three years of development, Plstar VK has become very diverse and mature. It has short sleeves, shorts, vests, hooded sweaters, round neck sweaters, zipper sweaters, trousers, ladies' sports leggings, pettiskirts, hip skirts, ladies short vests, stockings and other production lines.

The average daily production is 4000-5000 pieces.

Product advantages

1) Stable high quality

  1. Professional and complete product categories
  2. Rapid and innovative product development speed

Production and Research and Development Capabilities

      With the latest professional equipment, the industry's highest quality standards, perfect internal management. Founded in 2016, Plstar VK specializes in the development and production of digital printing apparel. Inspired by the everyday life: transforming ordinary objects that are everywhere in everyday life into a happy art that combines color, design and quality. The designers of PLstar VK are now implementing it step by step. Now you can see the Plstar VK on most e-commerce platforms around the world. Plstar VK employs countless designs, colors, and patterns to match each of your moods, styles and environments. Come and find out which Plstar VK clothing you have.

It should be noted that what carves us out as a unique niche in the digital print industry is the flexibility in how we present and manage our demand variants; though complexity is free with 3D design, Plstar VK  as a brand is not set back on whether to make the simplest and most common designs or the technical ones, in fact, we take joy in setting the pace of design revolution by going the extra length to deliver even the impossible, what are we saying? We have no room for impossibilities; we only consider impossibilities as phases of challenge that must be surmounted by putting the wow! Effect on your faces as we deliver in real time with real essence. Reach out to us through our contacts

How we Manufacture the 3D Prints

      The theory and practicality of how 3d design works is believable, in that it all starts from the mind then a journey is ignited; let us take it that you’re wearing a new cloth which carries plain color with no design at all, that’s the inception of the journey, a blank mind like a white colored apparel, with almost no inhibitions, then from nowhere an ignition… an array, of colors, flows, patterns, designs, sketches all in synchrony dancing around in your creative space box, shall we? Yes, that’s where and when we go to the board.

      3D printing starts by making a virtual design of the object, shape, pattern etc to be created. The virtual design becomes a template of the physical object to be created, for many virtual design to be made; a 3D modelling program such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) is used to create a design from scratch. Alternatively a 3D scanner can be used for an existing object, what the scanner does is to make a 3D digital copy of an object and puts it into a 3D modelling program.

      The model is then cut into hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers in readiness for printing. This prepared file is thus uploaded in the 3D printer, to the end that the printer creates the object layer by layer. Then the final phase; Here, every slice (2D image) is read by the printer and proceeds to create the object layer by layer and the resulting object has no sign of layering visible, but a 3 dimensional structure.

Applications of 3D printing

      Since 3d print is all about what we can see and touch (feel), 3D printing technology is seen to have various applications in all facets of human physical and biological revolution; various kinds of usages of 3D printing include research, artistic items, visual aids, presentation models, device covers, custom parts, Functional models, patterns and series product. A quick highlight of the landmarks of this technology as seen in clothing is given by;

  • Clothing; The fashion industry being a pivot of the 3D breakthrough has witnessed immense advancements; printed clothing is being made, fashion designers are experimenting with 3D-printed bikinis, shoes and dresses.This would blow your mind (Nike made the 2012 Vapor Laser Talon football shoe and New Balance custom-fit shoes for athletes using a 3D prototype on a commercial scale. Guess what! The rest is history).

Our attempt at Brand marketing and Customer Relation:

      As a model to reduce ambiguities, we have devised a simple open display method, where potential customers have unlimited access to our market listings and there’s the option of further enquiries for commercial information exchange or multiple listing and ordering services.

Our logistics and distribution:

      Plstar VK works with a number of well-known logistics providers to deliver logistics to countries and regions around the world, to quickly deliver and provide detailed logistics information. At plstar vk our prime goal is combining excellent personal services with professional representation across all networks to provide you with the best and unmatchable assistance in creating, seeking out, purchasing and delivery under elastic and transparent conditions. Call us today on............., our various social media platforms links are reachable for further enquiries.

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